Podcast Editing and Production

Podcast Editing and Production

from 20.00

I would love to work on your podcast each and every week. Below, you will find everything that I do to edit, mix, and produce your show. You can choose either one episode or 4 episodes at a time. 


One Episode --- $20.00

Four Episodes --- $80.00

Here are a few podcasts I've worked on to give you an example of my work.

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What you will receive when we edit your podcast:

Audio Mastering

  • We apply background noise reduction to remove as much of the "white noise OR background noise" possible.
  • Compression: This just makes the voices sound more clear and clean.
  • EQ (Equalization) If any audio needs restoring we do that here as well as enhance the overall quality of all of the audio files.
  • De-Esser: This reduces the sibilance from overly loud consonants such as S, P, etc.
  • Normalization: Level out the overall volume of the show to make sure each audio file is the same overall valume.


  • Add your Intro/Outro to the beginning and end of the show.
  • Add any commercials, music beds, or sound transitions (per your request).
  • Add ID3 audio tags to your MP3 file before delivery for better SEO on platforms like iTunes.